Freestyle- Smackdown 2003-05-08 Lyrics

by Wrestling

So tonight John Cena's gotta fight a rhinoceros,
I'll rip his crotch out and make him see a gynecologist.
You're half man and half beast. Is that supposed to impress me?
Man, my fist will swell your face, you'll be the white Dizzy Gillespy.
I bet you fans think that Rhyno's gonna give me the gore,
I'll beat his ass so sore it will be like he did a prison tour.
Yo. This is Thuganomics, I excel beyond sports,
He rocks a horn on his head, I rock a horn in my shorts.
And to that kid Spanky who imitated my flows,
I'm glad I broke his nose and stole his clothes.
He had the whole crowd chanting "Cena Sucks"
You think I do? Well F You! Cause I don't give a F***!

World Life!