Freestyle- Smackdown 2003-07-17 (1) Lyrics

by Wrestling

***We're in a graveyard, and it's time for some Thuganomics!

You need to listen Undertaker. I've been watching you Deadman
You're full of more crap than a super-sized bedpan
And this whole things a front man, you ain't never been deceased
You drive from funeral to funeral, just to hit on a priest
I heard rumors about you dawg, you used to hit on men often
I 2-way'd Paul Bearer, he said you shared the same coffin
It was never Dead Man. The whole time you were fakin'
And you beatin' John Cena? You gravely mistaken
See you old news dawg. Fans won't even miss you
You ain't a dead man. You just a dead issue
And at Vengeance I'm going to prove the Big Dog is all bark
I'm gonna claim my territory. Piss right on the mark

Word Life!