George Simmons Soon Will Be Gone Lyrics

by Adam Sandler

How will you
people live without me?
Who will bring you joy
when I'm gone?
'Cause I'm one funny man
I bring the comedy
I am the one you go to,
to get cheered up
Put in my movies
Escape, if you will
To a land of loveliness
He doesn't have patience
He hates so many people
He's mad when others do well
He hates himself
Fuck George Simmons
He has a medium-sized penis
He fucked so many girls
And yet no one remembers
When he's done fucking them
The girl just
lays there and says
I should have fucked
Jean-Claude Van Damme instead of you
Fuck, yeah! Fuck, yeah!
George Simmons
soon will be gone
And he will not
miss you people at all.
Our relationship has
always been strained.
You always wanted too much
from me, and I'm very mad at you.
Leave me alone.
Don't visit my grave, cocksuckers.