Get A Room Lyrics

by Lorraine Feather

Its pretty obvious,
Youre not my type,
But when were together, people snipe,
Get a room, get a room, get a room.

Im not your destiny,
Uh-uh, no way,
But time and again, we hear em say,
Get a room, get a room, get a room.

Youre careful and cautious and so polite.
I dont care whose cage Im rattlin.
This isnt a matter of left and right,
Like Jim Carville and Mary Matalin.

Youve always been the one
Whose chops you bust,
The cop on the corner mutters, Just
Get a room, get a room, get a room.

We explain to him that opposites
Sometimes repel,
As a couple construction workers yell,
Get a room, get a room, get a room!

That little accent I do,
Never seems to amuse you.
Tell me all about spring break in Baltimore.
Ive only heard it nine times before.

Its highly unusual
For you to show up in my dreams,
But even my cranky parrot screams
Get a room, get a room.

She goes Ooooooh,
Get a room, you two.

I lack the particular outs and ins
Of women you refer to as goddesses.
You speak, I dont ever hear violins,
Or even the ripping of bodices.

Think theyre wise,
Total strangers roll their eyes.
The schoolkids
Wont let it lie,
No mercy
When we pass by!
They laugh, they point, time after time.
Sometimes they chant
This jump rope rhyme:
They go
Ah ah, eh eh, say boom boom boom boom.
Ah ah, eh eh, get a room, get a room, get a room.

Liar, liar, pants on fire,
My face wasnt either turning red
That time your mother said
Get a room, get a room.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
Just get a room, you two.

Snowed in, in Fargo
No ones flyin, whaddya know.
Work trip, dead beat.
Nothins free but the Honeymoon Suite.
Big bucks. No choice.
Then I hear this familiar voice,
Hear you, near me,
Sounding pitiful as can be:
Is there any way I could possibly
Get a room, get a room, get a room?
And the rest is history.