Get Munk'd Lyrics

by The Chipmunks

G = Girl part C = Chipmunk (s) part
G : I'm laying down, help me out
Give me some of your honey love
Get me going
Stab on, can't be wrong
Feeling some is what I dream of
Don't stop
Now, we're hiding out, say it loud
Shout it out to me what you want
Anything, boy
Come down, turn me out
Show me how to get the job done
Let me hear you sing , boy
G: Hey, can you hear me comin
C: Yeah, baby, come to me
G: Yeah, boy, I think I'm falling
C: I got your back, girl please
G: I'm not too heavy, baby
C: I'm gonna catch you girl
G: Yeah, boy, I might go crazy
C: I'll rock your world
C: Get munk'd (go, go, go)
Yeah, chipmunks always can get munk'd
Don't you wanna
Get munk'd (go, go, go)
Chips don't stop from getting munk'd
Hot body, rock the party
Gimme some of that sugarland
Get it crackin'
Don't stop, get it get it
Drop it hot, it's what's you're made of
Bring it backwards
Get down, work it now, turn it on
Give me what I want
Girl get freaky
Right now say it loud
Shout it out from the back of our mind
Girl get freaky