Get Out The Way Lyrics

by Classified

Turn me up a little more.. yeah.. yeah.. I'm a scream at the top of my lungs. Spit shit till it's off with the tongue. Get lit ride off in the sun so don't trick cause you crawl and I run shit it's already done. Back with the flow the show the magic went from hat tricks to upping my status yup another classic hard to believe poker face on with a card up my sleeve. They all said I never look the part but I'm not trying to hear em like a pussy fart and now they all searching for my rookie card keep your mother fucking hands out the cookie jar. Class is in session check the score card yes I work hard like male porn stars no the applause isn't necessary you dying to get into my show like a cemetery.
Chorus: Turn me up a little more, fresh till we exit the door yeah we breaking in your ear drums ready or not here it comes. Turn me up a little louder crank the amp to full power we do it every night and all day. So better get out the way
yeah yeah yo last year I got new management this year I needed new management I felt like they never knew what manage meant. Well good luck to them I just had to vent. I spit what I live speak what I know set the roof on fire now you freezing in the cold. Think that I'm paid nope I ain't loaded but this drink got me feeling pretty loaded. Body overloaded bit of a beer belly broke bottles of booze can anybody help me. It ain't cry for help but in hindsight I don't wanna live the life I want my life. I've been drinking been smoking been high been thinking been hoping I'll get by. shit I ain't nothing outstanding from the underground so of course I stay grounded.
Yeah, yeah, I don't do what I'm supposed to from the old school look at what we rose to from the middle of nowhere to the center of it all through the ups and the downs I'm remembering it all. I take the good with the bad learn to be content with the things that I have this whole world is fucked up and we all need more and once we get it we'll find something else we need to reach for. Dreams life work rights hate love northern lights. I know life is good but I have my doubts I'm a positive person with a negative approach.