Gettin Banged Up Lyrics


ye its switch an am,16 sellin drugs for a livin, ya wana step to man an a be achaley killin,but cores manz prang off it gettin cort no the street when am slangin it gettin down whith the crooz gang bangin it crooz wanna get bad then am bangin shit yo ye dont wanna fuck whith switch i'll leav your boddy too rot in a dich man a leav u whith cuts n slits so dont get big man a smoke u qwik like half off a cig i'v herd better off an old ladey on stage at a gig ha gett that gett that ye ye get that get thatchek yo thinks in life
seam like there gettin better but there only gettin larger my lifes like one big pinet off larger u drink it an it hit hits u twis as harder that boy is y am harder.