Ghetto Dreams Lyrics

by 2 Chainz

[John Legend]
My ghetto dreams always turn to ghetto nightmares
[2 Chainz: Verse 1]
At night I can't sleep, I toss and turn
Candlesticks in the dark, I was whippin' it hard
I was gettin' the broads that like "who the hell is that" I Was Dealing Sap. You Looking at a Nigga That Drove To Hell And Back. Charismatic I Was Raised By And Addict With Money In The Attic. Got Goons While You At It At This Present Time I'm Out Of My Mind And That's A Habit, Still Got Them Waiting In Line They Gotta Have
[John Legend]
Last Night Was The First Night I Got Sleep
Tossing And Turning For Two Or Three Weeks
My Nightmares Are Triggered By Bad Memories
Lord, Send Me An Angel Right Now While I'm Having Ghetto Dreams