Good Morning Freedom Lyrics

by Elton John

Good morning world, it's a brand new day
I'm packing my bags and I'm going away
I'm moving my legs and my city tired bones
I gotta get away from the busy man's phones

Gotta make a move where the living is wild and free
If you want to get happy, then people, come along with me
A fee, fa, fou, fa, fa, fa, fa, fouu

Run along boy, set a place for me
I'm getting so tired of the company
I'm getting [unverified] looks from the big white man
I gotta get away just as fast as I can

Good morning freedom, gotta break away
Gotta break away, gotta break away
Good morning freedom, it's another day
It's another day, it's another day
Good morning freedom
A fee, fa, fou, fa, fa, fa, fa, fouu

[Unverified] is the same old game
A city tired living is the game to play
Loving thy neighbor is [unverified]
There's only one way to get the people to sing