Goodnight Lyrics

by Roy Orbison

My Lovely woman child
I found you out running wild with someone new
You've been untrue
And everybody knows we're through

But I can't say goodbye to you
No matter what you do
My heart won't let you go
Although I know you go
With someone new, I think of you

I think of how you kiss
Your tenderness
With all of this
I miss the way you say goodnight

Bittersweet, your kisses
When my heart still misses
The way that things used to be
But I know you're strong for
Other arms you long for
And you can never come back to me

Not just for yesterday
Tonight or tomorrow
Ah, but forever
I'll hear you say goodnight, goodnight
Goodnight turned out to be a lie

And I can't help it if I cry
Goodnight my love
Sleep tight my love