Gotta Get A Fake I.d. Lyrics

by Jimmy Fallon

Do you guys have fake IDs?
Yeah, you gotta have fake IDs man
No, I'm not gonna knock you or anything
I'm not like twenty one jump street come on hey

You told me in the audience you said
"You had a fakeID", now talk to this officer

You gotta have a fake ID man it's the most fun cool thing
You could ever have in college because you're a totally different person
For one night I mean, if you chalk it or if you get like
One that looks nothing like you it's more fun

And you can never ask your friends
If it's cool because they just want to drink
So they'll just tell you it's cool
Like let me see that I'll tell you if it's cool

Oh yeah you've got a good one
You've got a good
You've got a good one
Yeah, this'll work, this is gonna work
Yeah, this one's gonna work

Just trust me, wear the turban
Put on the turban, it'll work, trust me
Don't be a pussy, it's really good