Gumby Lyrics

by Aimee Mann

Gumby, I just cant do anything,
cant do anything right
dont ask me
if Ill help when helping you
just means someone to fight

Its so hard putting on your clothes
you dont even move to cover your skin
why move, moving is how things begin
the front yard taken by the crows
blackguards with their shiny pieces of tin
so much fury
you bury it in

Gumby, we should call your daughter
please, call your daughter again
you must see
things are getting harder and
getting more out of hand

Dude, youre not even that old
how bad must it be to be bad as this
all day, filling a bottomless pit
all these trinkets bought and sold
all tokens youve thrown down to the abyss
theres a bottom that youll never hit

And I dont know just how you explain this
to a kid with nowhere to live
tell her that the father she has means well
but just has nothing to give

you should call your daughter again
dont call me
call your daughter.