Hopper Painting Lyrics

by Janis Ian

hopper painting(janis ian)thought i saw you dancingon the tables late last nighthigh romancing with some college kidthought i saw you waltzingin the blue-grey bistro gloomthought i saw you dancingdid you see me, too? i'm the one in the photographyou painted yesterdaya high relief reflectionof your promises and painv see me disappearingv like a shadow at high noonv i will follow when you want me tothought i saw you writinglike an outlaw on the duneslooking lost in the afternooncool pretender, with your poetry and bluesi remember what it cost just being younow the tarotc ards are numberedand the deck is made of glassthe dealer's made a bargain with his souli thought i saw you tremblingas you threw it all awaythought i saw you dancingbut the night had turned to dayi'm the one in the photographyou painted yesterdaya cool reflectionof your promises and painbelieve in mebefore you throw it all awaybelieve in me? i know the way