House Announcer Lyrics

by The Doors

All right, wait a second
We have a long show
We have a hell of a show for you
A beautiful thing

All right, now look, look
Weve, weve seen a lot of things happened in the city
And everythings turned around, everythings beautiful
Nobody thought wed be able to bring 'The Doors' here, and we did

But weve got a couple of things, wait a second man
Look, weve just got a couple of little things that weve gotta
Tell you about, The Fire-Marshal is not gonna let this show go on
And I just had a long meeting with him

And man this is no joke, you either gotta sit down
And you gotta go back to your seats
You gotta make isles, and thats it man
You gotta move back

Hey look, hey look

Wait a second, hold on, lets have a little help, man
Come on, everybody go back to their seats
People are gonna get hurt up here, theyre gonna pass out
Now we dont want that man and 'The Doors' dont want that either

Ladies and gentlemen, 'The Doors'
Now hold it, weve gotta tune up
Hey Philadelphia
Do you feel all right?