How She Boogalooed It Lyrics

by Beach Boys

Oh, we was dancin' in a really big city
Got excited by the sound of a party
Now, my heart beat while the music was groovin'
And if you wanted to you couldn't keep from movin'

Look around do you believe what you seein'
The walls are movin', the ceiling's a-reelin'
Couples over in the corner romancin'
Oh, the boys are with me to do some outta sight dancin'

Gotta girl, givin' me some lessons
And now she's gonna be my confession
Aren't you glad we found our way in here
Put another record up on the player

Hey, there's a stoned party dancin' with the police
Don't have to worry about disturbin' the peace
Met a fine chick that really got to me
Good Lord, how she boogalooed to me

Oh my, how she boogalooed it to me
Come on sock it, sock it to me
S O C K I T to me