Hustle Like a Muh Lyrics

by Jadakiss

[Featuring: Ace Hood & Styles P]

I do it all but I hustle like a muh f*cker
Get it all nigga hustle like a muh f*cker
F*ck the law niggas hustle like a muh f*cker
Hustle, hustle, yeah hustle like a muh f*cker

.cant stand me
Da hoping catch me with the .
Im just tryin make a few dollars to feed my family uh you nigga chain me
.on the tracks see some .work and . but discover enough to sail them
Cant even lie dog Id rather be your Melrose
But I gotta melt it to me before she .
That hold me down if I dead then Ima gonna with them
Work is having .around the corner
Nothing like getting a nigga when you dont want it that
.but Ima be in crap until the morning cause I hustle

[2 x Hook:]

Started with a A ball, end it up with kilos
Running like the Louie V players
Written .Carlo Gembino with .but the dope block
30 of the roof sad a nigga .real pop, or your head pop
Yall little nigga is funny like red boc
Or Eddy Murphy or Richie.
See the team over there the whole click fire
Until they sick and tired being sick and tired
I dont even talk when the damn .
Gun is like me and the roof shouldve spin the fire
But a .hustle like a muh f*cker

[2 x Hook:]

Uh jump off the porter I was like only same team
So inspired bottles on getting .cream
F*cking bitches cae from 6ies can tripin beans
Dont recognize yeah in the hood my youngest play the scene
True story works in my mama homie
Them killers showin back them Christian ceremony
Cold hearted trippin like .moly
Black scene worns never did that A hearted
I was ouch she still a nigga out chill
Host them like a mother f*cker what a strap neil
I was paranoic .them color boy
They catch me sleeping might see me the .
Shit got real I just need a meal
When you broke and funny dont know how I feel
Now Im snitchin like Im . I keep it real
I never been a p**sy Im a dot real