I Feel Like Dying (reversed/backwards) Lyrics

by Lil Wayne

Chorus: "Under da ground beneath ya" "Without trousers are we nude?"

"sitting as I'm sippin
swore I saw ya
but no more
took ya down
under da ground beneath ya
remember what I just say
nigga asked where da money
NIGGA forgot what I f**kin SAID?
its under da ground "beneath ya"
next day, relatives call sayin "wheres da kid"
I simply said "nigga hes.."
under da ground beneath ya
I ate the brain of da coward
as I raped all his daughterz
screamin "STOP!"
but with 1 shot
"under da ground beneath ya"
try killing me?
"under da ground beneath ya"
Think I'm f**kin playin nig?
under da ground beneath ya"
"Without Trousers are we nude?"
as I climbed over da wallz
POlice said he was gone
once said he was ballin
but how you f**kin ballin
when ya ass is straight fallin
shut the f**k up
"under da ground beneath ya"

"her name was snitch bitch"
raped the bitch as I ate her tits."
killed her with a blow by my....fist"
Chorus: "under da ground beneath ya"