I Get Crazy Lyrics

by Nicki Minaj

You know it's like when i feel really crazy
I just get on my broom and fly away
I go real real far away
Young Money That's that's that's.. just what we do
you know I mean we wear straight jackets and we we we we
stay in you know padded rooms and you know and fly away.

Yo I just came out of the motherfuckin' old school
Got my Mac notebook with the Pro tools
Ya bitches ain't ready for Nicki Lewinsky
Bad woof, woof, flyer then a Frisbee

So I'm up in mid L.A. eating mangoes
Keep a couple Pink Toes in my sandals
Got some bangles all over my ankles
Such a star they say I'm a Star Spangle

B-b-banner, I am the rap Hannah
M-m-montana, so fix your antenna
I keep three ho's but don't call me Santa
And I am flyer then reindeer in the winter
(In the winter)

Yo, Yo, So I got a bad bitch mentality
'Cause I just came from another galaxy
I be with the President up in the White House
If we in the Oval Office then it's lights out

'Cause I am the wicked witch, I'm' the Nickster
And I keep a bad bitch on my Jixerr
But I leave her in a second for a thick girl
Rock star, little mama with a guitar

I mean im Nicki L-M-O-Winsky
I mean, my name ring bells like Tinky
I mean, Tinker, tell that niqga link her
'Cause I'm' lookin' for some good brains from a thinker

1-2, 3rd floor, hospital bound
Niqgas is doors and I knock niqgas down,
Straight jacket crooked, I hear you lookin'
I promise I'm hard and I swear you pussy

I ain't crazy, no, yes, I am
Right up in the coo-coo nest I land
I'm fly now eat my bird shit
Yeah, I'm crazy, I'm crazy 'bout your bitch

Wild animal on my bewildered shit,
I love brain so I'm looking for a nerd bitch,
It's' Nicki Minaj, the superb witch
And Weezy F. Baby, No Weezy F. Crazy