I Got It Lyrics

by Chris Young

Coulda been anyone, instead Im me, (instead Im me)
An-an-and I Coulda been a millionaire then my life would be, (life would be) a little something like this
Some-some-something like this
something like this
some-some-something like this
New money

Picture me livin in a mansion condo estates in the Hamptons
ridin with my top down summatime rollin in the phantom
partyin every day and, partyin every night
blowin money like its nothing thats what I call livin life,
window shoppin at the mall, wishin I could buy the wall,
things I couldnt dream of havin, now I can have it all,
girls used to turn me down, now they wanna love me,
what goes around comes back around and life is feelin lovely,
cause I got it (I got It) (I got It)
and I aint going back to that life
(I got It) (I got It) (I got It)
Cause somehow everything feels right, now
(I got It) (I got It) (I got It)
Im never going back to that life
(I got It) (I got It) (I got It)