I Gotta Eat Lyrics

by Slim Dunkin

Hook: black gloves black mask i gotta eat nigga, do anythang for the cas i gotta eat nigga, bodyparts in the trash i gotta eat nigga, you lookin sweet nigga, trick or treat nigga 2x.
verse1: put the kids to bed and woke the choppa up, skatin on thin ice like a hockey puck, 7 or 11 i dont give a flyin fuck, 357 mack 11 gon and try your luck, 2shots 2da head i aint scared of deez niggaz, holloween dunk got me scarin scarin deez niggaz, no water hose i aint sprayin deez niggaz, dis my clique i aint sharin deez niggaz, robbin spree to a shoppin spree, like a aids patient dont fuck wit me, no mtv but im sucka free, hot on fire cant touch a g, canon canon got the mac on tuck for me, dirtgang nigga they'll bust for me, r.i.p if a nigga bust at me, cutthroat aint no trust in me, dunk dunk dunk dunk dunk yea thats right, catch a nigga ass slippin broad daylight.
verse 2: bricksquad in the hood whole team hard, come to grovestreet hope you got your green card, small talk but the pockets of my jeans large body dunk dbot catch mean charge, hands on deck knock him out fight night, catch a nigga sleep wake him night night, mug on his face thank he dont like life, lay his ass down great white hike, bet he gotta a white girl great white dike, credit or debit either or swipe swipe, bricks in the house oooo thats a nice heist, shoot a nigga dog bet he might bite, hold up!!!, keep buckin on my pistol like you gunproof, finna peel his top back like a sunroof, you got dirtgang runnin in your trap dammn!!!, its robbin season fuck a batman.
Hook:2x/ song fades