I Took Your Hand Lyrics

by Lorraine Feather

It was barely twilight when the string quartet began to play.
At the stroke of twelve, the dancers failed to pull their masks away.
Then I found you werent the same as anyone,
And the very room began to shine.
I was trembling badly, but I took your hand in mine.

Though in all my life I never once believed in second sight,
Something odd indeed, but just as real, came over me that night.
All at once my mind was filled with photographs
Of a thousand moments yet to be.
I was on the ocean,
I was drifting toward the land.
I loved you when I took your hand.

I felt you near me as the years flew by.
I hoped you understood
They could not ever dim your beauty.
Of course, it would have been insanity
To say that to a stranger,
As you were to me,
No more than a stranger.

I could dimly see the shadows crossing hands and circling round,
Only faintly hear the music, as it languidly unwound,
But I clearly saw the heart and soul of you,
And I heard each halting word you said.
As we touched, no more than its polite to do,
And your warmth went rushing to my head.

Then you asked if I would like to dance,
And I said no,
Said no.
I wanted so to dance,
But I could hardly stand
When I took your hand.