I Wanna Be Free Lyrics

by UGK

Bun B:
Wicked man walk it like i talk killa twista in a swisha cigar your trill figga for reala/ i know you think you know me homie but you ain't even close/ just pay me what you owe me slowly 'fo' we butter yo' toast/ we chilly most some classical 'ol school rock ballers/ twenty somethin' year old legends tight playin' shot callers/ knee slappers toe tappers and g shakers/ and the high cappers thigh slappers we in vegas/ with the chips tight dips and big sweets on they lips/ as a stretch limousine flips and the yellabone strips/ we get it crunk we gone sip promethazine so don't trip/ don't be worried bout my choppas boppas get ya own whips/ i aint roam to grip woodgrain mane it's like a blessing/ candy paint make me feel like a saint/ i know i aint/ but i'm as close as somebody from the street get/ cause i watn't scared to jump in the game and get my feet wet/i'm gonna be free

Chorus: (sung by Pimp C)
i wanna be free
i wanna be free as the sky but when i'm buried make sho buried feelin live (4x)

Pimp C:
Codeine everyday i'm living in high times/ keep my diamonds against my wood and keep my money on my mind/ boys just tryna knock us off but y'all just new to the game/ while we just steady stackin paper y'all bustas chasin the fame/ been a star in the hood since i was 17/ rockin' tell me somethin' good and servin cheese to the fiends/ playa i came up off lean so i know how to flip i got a 8 in my whiskas young playa ask for a sip/ if you don't live where i live then you don't see what i see/ i told em leanin' and codeinin' and gone make you a G/ boys got this thang twisted thankin it's bout caddies and trucks/ dont yall realize the way we grew up in the hood was messed up /now i'm just deep in this thang and i'm addicted to change/ young playa 29 and his career is the game /man my hero doin 40 when you 30 that's a L i rather be dead and be free than to be livin in hell