I Want My Baby Back Lyrics

by Teddy Pendergrass

Yes, I want my baby back
I need her right away
Should've been understood where I was goin to put me down
Yes ,I want my woman back
I feel so bad, I'm all alone, hmm
I just can't make it work without you here in my home, my home, my home

Baby come back, cause I want my baby back,(love you, yes, I love you) I want my baby back (love you, yes, I love you)
Yes, I want my woman back,
I miss her night and day(I miss her night and day)
I was a fool to ever let her go and get away (get away, get away,get away )
Yes I would do anything to have you in my arms again(have you in my arms again)
When you come home I'm gonna treat you good
Make you stay by my side ,baby(If you stay by my side)

Baby come back
Cause I want my baby
I want my baby
Will you come back, I love you
Yes, I love you
And I need you, woman I need you
And I want you, yes I want you
I want my baby back
Do you know ,girl?
That I love you, yes I love you
Yes, I need you, yes I need you...