I Want My City Back Lyrics

by Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Up around 95
Sailing down Storrow Drive
left exit into Kenmore Square
slowed down when I got there
and that's when it was crystal clear
it wasn't there, it wasn't where
I left it, when I left it
I want my city back
back the way it used to be
I want it back the way it was
I looked around and found
this doesn't feel like my hometown
and I don't like the way it does feel
stepped out to take a closer look
Held in wiht every step I took
The sadness I felt just to look around
I looked up to the Citgo Sign
you used to be a friend of mine
do you agree with me at one time
this was once such sacred ground
but now I want my city back...
How should I feel when the place
where I first learned I could feel
is no longer where I left it
when I left it not so long ago
how should I feel? How should i feel?
how should I feel? I don't know
I want my city back...