Ice Queen Lyrics

by Westworld

Time to leave the dead behind
Shed the weight suppressing me
A dark beautiful naked life
At the edge of the sea

Towards the sky I have been drawn
But alone too scared to fly
Underneath her wings I was safe
'Til the tears ran dry

I've got a soul
That she could not seem to reach
She'll never know how I feel
Brought down the wall
To her face I couldn't speak
I'll never touch her that way again

Cold up inside my body, numb in my mind
Somebody wake me
Make me believe in love again
Now that I'm free from the Ice Queen

Her shoulder turned to let me fall
The sirens wailed as she slid away
In my head
The demons came out to enjoy the day

She's got a soul
That I just can't seem to reach
I'll never know how she feels
Up in her castle
With the Empire at her feet
She rules her world but not with me