I'm Bugged At My Ol' Man Lyrics

by Beach Boys

I'm bugged at my ol' man
'Cause he's making me stay in my room
Darn my dad

I came in a little late
And my ol' man, he just blew his mind
Blew it bad

Why did he sell my surfboard?
He cut off my hair last night in my sleep

I wish I could see outside
But he tacked up boards on my window
Gosh, it's dark

I can't hit the surf, can't drag
Can't do a doggoned thing
Wish I could

I tried to call up my chick
But he jerked my phone right out of the wall

They gave me some breadcrumbs
And a little glass of water
And they're out there eating steak
Smells so good

I ripped up my wardrobe
And I'm growing a beard
Oh when will they let me come out

I'd listen to my radio
But he took it, he's using it in his own room
Now it's gone

I wish I could do some homework
But I got suspended from school
Blew my cool

I'm bugged at my ol' man
And he doesn't even know where it's at