Im Goin In Lyrics

by Bow Wow

.Bow Wow.
Money to the ceilin
im lamborgini whippin
and i can make a moutha fuckin million in a minute
my girl is dominic
i swear my flow the illest
and all i do is floss you can even ask my dentist
bow be on that other shit
all the hoes lovin it
bought two phantoms in one day for the fuck of it
iced out rolley
ballin like ginovi
you so local over seas know me
treat me like a trouper baby girl and just blow me
got a badd white bitch and she know kobe
say you gettin money moutha fucka then show me
kush got me so high im sittin in the nose bleeds
rap beefs i aint gone particapate in none of that
all white tee blue jeans with a fitted cap
always finish first place columbus is my birth place
buzz bigger then when r kelly dropped the sex tape

i keep it real niggas know the deal
money on my mind im thinkin ima get another mill
and i dont pay for girls they let me fuck for free
got girls on my twitter sayin how they love fuckin me
how they love suckin me
these girls cant get enough of me
these hoes be steady cuffin me
they hands all down my dungari
was little bow wow now im just bow now
big faces small faces money tall as yao now
ya baby momma jockin me she wont give me my privacy
stuntin like dwight up in the paint aint no stoppin me
(hey who you is) mr. 106 is back
im cleaned then a bitch like they ran me through a laundramat