Imma Go Getta Lyrics

by Lil Wayne

im goin for the gold, my heart is on control
my mind is on succeed, and i am in the lead
dont buy into the schemes, the signs socialty
just giant and u tease, bring triumph and belief
im a lion on redeem, inspired by the green
never tired nor fatigued, never defiant to my team
never lyin on a thing until im lyin on a thing,
hooked to wires and things, ima die as a king

if i dont do it now, ima try it again
and when i do accomplish it, ima try it again
ima riot insane, ima lie in my mane hangs down to my strings, and they're tied to the game
i stay dry when it rain, im tired of the fame
got everything to gain, and im proud of the pain
the pride and the plain the wise and the strange
denied by the sane, besides we're the sane
whos guidin the train, whos flyin the plane
whos drivin the lane, who dies when it bang
who fires when it bang, whos lies in a aim

two lives in a drain, who cries when they sang
you hide but u cant, u high but u aint
I advise u to think you'll find what u cant
revive what u taint, survive what u paint
super size what you shrank, the fries and the drank
admired as a saint, defined by my rank
combined with my strength, my time and my length
ima iron out the kinks, yes im on the brink
and in a eye ima wink, ima retire in a bank


Victory consistently, train all year to be enemies misery
no stress visibly, neither does it into me
I think positively, u cant harm me mentally
Not physically, not spiritually
Youll never get rid of me,
I am the epidemy of this is what you did to me
Nothings what you did for me, nothings what you give to me

I take whatever im visualing, I break all of the limiting
I shake all of the gimmicking, the fakery, the trickery
Nurse how sick is he, worse im sickening,
Ill be at the finish line first how quick is he,
Ima make sure they mention me, for the next century,
I aint wit the bickering, im full of dignity,
Im full of energy, pull out the inner me,
A bull after dinner meat, I stood in the winter heat,
It could be the end of me, but good be defending me.


Im allergic to cheatin,
I hate failure and I am in love with achievement,
Above and beneath it, a hug when I greet it
My eyes on the prize and I love when I seek it
Done wit the speakin, begun wit the preachin,
I pray until I am one wit the deacon,
I play until we won whatever we win
I play until I have won and then I re-win