Intro Lyrics

by Lupe Fiasco

Food and liquor stores rest on every corner
From 45th and State to the last standin hymn Nuhana
J&J's, pale chicken, good finger lickin
While they sin, gin, sin, sin at Rothschild and Lynnwood Liquors

The winos crooked stagger meets the high stride of the youth
Searchin for the truth
They rebel and raise hell across alleyways
And in classroom settings

They get high off that drum bass and 20/20 rims
They rock braids, Air Force Ones and Timbs
They drink Hennessy, Hypnotiq and 40's
They call they women hoes, bust downs and shawties

They keep funeral homes in business
And gunshot wards of hospitals full
Prisons packed, bubblin over in brown sugar
They keep empty, Westside lots crowded, hype's powdered

The well is runnin dry, the days of Malcolm and Martin have ended
Our hope has descended and us to the side
Waitin for the re-installment of the revolution
Because we are dyin at the cost of our own pollution

But God has another solution that has evolved from the hood
I present the one who turns, the Fiasco to good

A'uzu billahi min ash shaitani r rajimi
Bismi 'llahi 'r-rahmani 'r-rahim
Its dedicated to my grandmother
Peace and much love to you

Yeah, and it start
1st and 15 proudly present, you know what it is
See I got this philosophy right
I think the world and everything in it is made up of a mix of two things

You got your good, you know and your bad
You got your food and your liquor, that's right, chilly chill
You already know, it's a long time comin

I give you my, I give you my heart, my soul
My mind, my thoughts, my feelings, my experience
Nothin more, and nothin less
Yes, FNF, uh huh, so with no further adieu
Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor