Intro (Street's Disciple) Lyrics

by Nas

Peace, how you? I ain't mean to be late
It was my night to watch my little girl
It's chilly out here
What happened, you cryin'?
You all got into it again, huh
See you gotta let them know
From the jump, I don't care who they are
Or who they with

Yeah, I know they know we talking
Why don't they just leave us alone?
I know it's hard for them to understand
People like us can love each other
Come on, stop cryin' now
Oh, there's somethin' I gotta tell you
I heard they watchin' you, yeah they watching you
They watchin' me too

But there ain't no reason to get low
I'm proud, I'm here
You know, I'm a stand up for you
No matter what, and I know you'll stand up for me
I don't have no doubts about you being true to me
The world is ours, but right now it feels
Like the whole world is against us
So study, be strong, don't cry no more