Is That The Thanks I Get Lyrics

by Rod Stewart

Did you think I'd take it sitting down
And let you walk all over me?
Thought you knew me much better than that
I keep much better company

With your lawyers and your two timing friends
I guess you know who I mean
Your detectives and your private eyes
Could never win me back again

Just where did it get ya
What satisfaction was had?
You kicked the shit right in my face
Is that all the thanks I get?

You said we made such a pretty pair
Living in harmony
I'm sorry, honey, but I disagree
It seemed more like a comedy

Just look how you lied, girl
That Judas right by your side
He hung you up, so you cut me right down
Is that all the thanks I get?

Guess, I'll find me a brand new girl
That won't take too very long
There's so many floatin' 'round this town
Waitin' by the telephone

And if you want me I'll be in the bar
Back into my usual ways
Or on the corner with the rest of the boys
You and I were just a breath away

It was great while it lasted
But oh Lord, it turned nasty
You didn't give me one chance to explain
Well, is that all the thanks I get?

Is that the thanks I get?
Is that the thanks I get?
Is that the thanks I get for loving you?