Island Boy Lyrics

by Baha Men

You know my heart is still in the Caribbean
I still hear my girlfriend say
Come Back Home, to the land of the palmy beaches
Where your heart has always been, since the very first day

I still miss Goombay Samba every evening
And the sailing boats beneath the bridge so high
I feel the sun and my heart within me leaving
To come back to Nassau, to the sun, the sea and the sky

I hear cowbells and the drums on New Years morning
And I smell hibiscus in the tropic skies above
Look at the boats and the conch and fish a dawnin
I know its Nassau and everything about it I love
Island boy, youve got your mind on your job
but your heart is in the Caribbean

Island boy, when you look at the concrete walls
You can hear them say
Come back home,
to the land of the sun and the palmy beaches
Where your heart belongs
Since the very first day