It All Comes Back to Me Now Lyrics

by Frank Sinatra

{Frank, are you kicking your two heels to this Valentine B-2?
Man, I'm too brought down by the weather
To kick my heels about anything
Thanks to a fare-thee-well by February 14, eh, Frank?}

{Well, I never saw a case of wintertime blues
That a little singing wouldn't fix
So give out with a chorus of 'It All Comes Back To Me Now'
And it'll all come back to you, I guarantee it}

It all comes back to me now
A starry summer sky, a laughing you and I, alone
It all comes back to me now
A sea of midnight blue, your face uplifted to my own

We called it a thrill of the moment
And blamed the moon up above
We didn't know what the glow meant
We never dreamed it might be love

It all comes back to me now
The love I threw away
And now each lonely night I pray
That it will all come back to me someday