I've Lost The Only Love I Knew Lyrics

by Hank Williams

Written by don helms and hank williams
Recorded by ray price feb. 8, 1952, with the drifting cowboys

(d) you ask me why my (d7) heart's so (g) sad,
And (d) why the teardrops fill my (a7) eyes,
A (d) heart can't sing that's (d7) filled with (g) pain,
How (d) can it (a7) laugh when it (d) cries. (d7)

First chorus

I (g) saw my dreams all fade and (d) die,
Like castles in the (a7) blue,
Each (d) dawn will bring more (d7) tears and (g) pain,
I've (d) lost the (a7) only love i (d) knew.

Oh, life for me is use - less now,
It seems so empty and blue,
There's no more use to try a - gain,
I fail in everything I do.

Second chorus

It's hard to know you'll never have,
The one you love so true,
While the world's asleep, I'll lay and cry,
I've lost the only love I knew.