Jack Of All Trades Lyrics

by Bruce Springsteen

1I\'ll mow your lawnrnClean the leaves out your drain mend your roofrnTo keep out the rainrn take the workrnThat God providesrnI\'m a jack of all tradesrnHoney, we\'ll be alrightrn hammer the nailsrnAnd I\'ll set the stone harvest your cropsrnWhen they\'re rip and grownrn pull that engine apartrnThat truck, till shes running rightrnI\'m a jack of all tradesrnWe\'ll be alrightrnrnThe hurricane blowsrnBrings a hard rainrnWhen the blue sky breaksrnFeels like the worlds gonna changernrnWe\'ll start caring for each otherrnLike Jesus said that we mightrnI\'m a jack of all tradesrnWe\'ll be alright rnrnA banker man grows fatrnA workin\' man grows thinrnIt\'s all happened beforernAnd it\'ll happen againrnrnIt\'ll happen againrnIt\'ll bet your lifernI\'m a jack of all tradesrnDarlin\' we\'ll be alrightrnrnNow sometimes tomorrowrnComes soaked in treasure, in bloodrnAnd we stood the jobrnNow we\'ll stand the floodrnrnThere is a new world comingrnI can see the lightrnI\'m a jack of all trades rnWe\'ll be alrightrnrnSo use what you gotrnAnd you learn to make dornYou take the oldrnYou make it newrnrnIf I had me a gunrnI\'d find the bastards and shoot \'em on siternI\'m a jack of all tradesrnWe\'ll be alrightrnrnI\'m a jack of all tradesrnWe\'ll be alright