Jane Lyrics


Yo, what's up PMD?
Ayo coolin' man, done with this album, about to take it up to Leon
Wills, see what they say

Hold up man, we ain't bringing nothing up until I diss this girl, man
Aw, you ain't going to go into that Jane thing
You know I had to diss her
I told her don't mess with me, you know [Incomprehensible]

But why you gotta be bothering with that skeezer?
That was way back in 1986
Let me tell you how it went, anyway

Hanging out late drinking a couple of brews
Turn on the radio put the shit on snooze
So when it's time to wake up, the radio comes on
Blasting in my ear with the hip-hop song

Five minutes later, I hear someone knocking
Yo outside yo, my stereo's rocking
Saying in my mind, "Who can it be?"
It was me, the P double E M D
I said yo, I said yo

What's up trooper? I have a girl and she wants me to duke her
Why didn't you?
I would a have been, only thing she bring along a friend

So PMD, yo?
Why don't you do me a favor?
Chill with the bitch and I'll hook you up later
She's fly, haircut like Anita Baker
Looked up and down and said "Hmm, I'll take her"

She came in, I said, "Hi my name is P"
She said, "Hello my name is J-A-N-E"
I said, "Jane, oh, what a nice name"
It reminds me of a high school flame

She came behind me and then she rubbed my back
She started moaning and said, "Yo, let's hit the sack"
Went to my room because she was kinda bossy
Girl broke buckwild and started playing horsey

She showed pain but inside she felt joy
Ayo she broke wild and said, "Ride 'em cowboy"
Three o'clock on the dot tired of busting her
Woke up in the morning to my record, "You're a Customer"

She left me a note, she called me the medicine
Said next time you have to be better
Bigger, stronger and much faster
And you don't quit, EPMD rock double
To the funky shit