Jesus Loves His Babies [Gish Sessions Rough Mix] Lyrics

by Smashing Pumpkins

Billy] Jesus loves his babies, outside in the sunshine, i dont mind , no i dont mind.

Jesus loves his babies, even when theyre out of line. i dont mind ,no i dont mind. Im fine.

jesus loves his crazies keepin' pace with her rhyme
i don't mind, no i don't mind
[ Billy and James ] Jesus loves his babies
outside in the- outside in the sun.
[Billy] sunshine...

*phone rings* [Answering machine]
"Hi this is billy im not home right now but you can leave your number and i'll get back
[God] Billy,Billy pick up the phone billy i know your home,
im very angry, im going to punish you,
im going to punish you billy.
*maniacal laughter* im going to punish you billy!
can you hear me billy? are you listening?
i hope your listening billy.