Kiss The World Goodbye Lyrics

by Kris Kristofferson

I never had no regrets, boys, not for nothing I've done
I owed the devil some debts, boys and paid 'em all up but one
I don't even regret the living that I'll be leaving behind
I've gotten weary of searchin' for something I couldn't find

I'm going down to the shades by the river one more time
And feel the breeze on my face before I die
I'm gonna leave whatever's left of my luck to the losers
And then bend down and kiss the world goodbye

I'm kinda lucky in lovin', I never had no complaints
They never said, I was evil, but then I wasn't no saint
I'm just a river that rolled forever and never get to the sea
I ain't blamin' nobody, I had it coming to me, I'm going down