Latin Girls Lyrics

by Black Eyed Peas

mira mira mira mira mira
mira mira mira mira mira
mira mira mira mira mira
mira mira yo quiero

Cuban girls Cuban girls
Puerto Rican girls Puerto Rican girls
Mexican girls Mexican girls
Spanish girls Spanish girls
I like 'em
girls, girls, Latin girls,
Latin girls, Latin girls,
Latin girls, what's happenin' girls
What's happenin' girls, what's happenin'?

I like Latin, them Latin women
An' they love me 'cause
I'm that man
with coconuts and chocolate skin
I'm that moca masculine
Feminines that are Latin
Call your friends and call your cousins
Cause I know you got dozens of them
Marias, Elizabeth, Sonias, and Blancas
When I see you, you can get boned if you want to
Yo quiero and I'm sincero
If you never had an eechee
Let me be your primero
We could hit the channel, we can dance the bolero
Have a shopping spree and you can spend my dinero but
I wish you was more like J. Lo 'cause
Love don't cost a thing
So won't you let this king
Love the queen of Argentina
Girl you know what you know what I mean
Cause I like them


Que onda! que quieres con mi
Mira muchacha esto para ti
Latina chicana por mi
Mas finas, me gustan así
Mira a, mira a, mira a mami
Esperate, esperate, esperate aqui
We could connect and act humanly
Indulge in animalistic swing
We could have conversation or
Sexual relation or
We can explore find out more about
Things we've done before
Whether it be kinky thoughts
I'm gon' make your chonies drop
Watch mister shorty rock I'll rock your sticky spot
Hombre lumbre known to make it hot
I'll make you drip drop
They call me Cum-a-lot
I like 'em


[Fergie Bridge]
Ven a mi
Cada beso será para ti
sera para ti
El fuego dentro de mi ser

¿Que pasa senorita?
You're a brown skin mama
A yo mama sana wanna take you to Havana
We could get down every day of the semana
Dance to the music and follow the guitarra
Clap! Clap!
Come on...
Dame un momento que lo bebo con un beso
Take you to Phillippines
Then you don't have to spend a peso
We got connections like a novel to a reader
I can relate 'cause Latin girls look Filipina
Check your history there's no mystery between us
Destiny made it possible to be us
I know about your culture 'cause it's mixed with mine
We go together well just like beats and rhymes
Tequilas and limes
So let's combine
And I'll say it one more time
I like them...

[Fergie ending]

Dame un poquito más,
lo que tienes por ahí
porque contigo yo quiero
para bailar

Contigo yo quiero
bailar un bolero
ven caballero

dame dame dame dame dame dame dame

Contigo yo quiero