Learn From This Lyrics

by Lyfe Jennings

She been gone, almost two weeks now
Tired as hell, but i cant sleep now
I miss my kids, and though i see them everyday it aint the same
This big house is full of echos
Im thinkin now maybe i should just let it go
Cause its too big for just me
Too many memories

So i pay my child support like the judge tells me too
And ill stay out all night drinkin' while im getting over you
Its sad but its true
Dont know what else i can do
Guess ill pull my fuckin' heart out on this CD like a fool
Yall better learn from this... (4x)

I day-dream of how we used to be
And eat ice cream untill the box is clean
I miss my kids, and even though they live right up the street
Its killing me
My phone rings for what seems like hours
And when they ask for you, i say your in the shower (laughs)
Its my way of calming down
Its either that or burn this fuckin' house to the ground

So ill pay my child support like the judge told me too
And ill stay out all night drinking while in getting over you
Its sad but its true
But im gonna do the best i can
And if by chance i dont make it, the kids tuition is my timbrlands
Learn from this.. (4x)

So i guess ill take it to the bridge (to the bridge)
Cause theres just too many and this is what it is
Its about a man who lost his woman and his kids (and his kids)
And it goes a little somthing like this (goes a little something like this)
Little miss muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her pourage away
Then along came a liar
Sat down beside her and frightened miss muffet away
Again now shes gone
She aint never come home at all
Ooh now shes gone ( learn from this)
If i could take it back
Oooo i would take it, ooo i would take it (learn from this)
Learn from this... ( till song fades out)