Life Of Tha Party Lyrics

by Snoop Dogg

I'm only town for a night/
And when I pull up, man the crowd get hype/
And everybody loves me, the browns to the whites/
Yeah I live like a movie, but the movies my life/
I'm the life of the party (everytime I show up)/
I'm the life of the party (eveyrtime I blow up)/
I'm the life of the party (everytime I show up)/
I'm the life of the party (eveyrtime I blow up)/
Now gon' roll up the swisher/
But don't drrank all my liquor/
You know it's all good my n-ggas/
Gimme one second, I'll pose for your picture/
Like cheese, cheese, cheese/
Now everybody just freeze, freeze, freeze/
Now DJ bring the music please/

(Too Short)
I'm the life of the party/
It don't take much, for me to get started/
Everytime you see me, I'm with a bunch of girls/
Straight to the table, in my own world/

The ball players know, movie stars too/
See my homie Snoop, we're doing what we do/
Don't matter where we at, Miami or Vegas/
Everytime you ask me, yeah I'ma player (bitch)/

Cuz I'm the life of the party/
I got ten bad bitches, actin' retarded/
I'm tryna meet a few new ones/
Whats up with you girl, maybe we can do sumin'/

Do you drink, do you smoke/
I can tell by your purse and your shoes, you ain't broke/
Came to me, the first thing you do is get stuck/
Take you somewhere, later on you get fucked (bitch)/

Repeat choros

Now I been trappin' all day, getting paper/
Headed to the club in my brand new scraper/
Gators on my feet, money in my pocket/
I'm 'bout to do a show, so you know I'm 'bout to rock it/

See my homie short, layin' lowkey/
I strolled over to him, and passed him the bleezy/
Dog eat dog, anything goes/
Snappin' my fingers, crackin' at some ho's/

What do you know, I'm in the A gettin' play all day/
A lot of y'all wanna ball, and try to walk this way/
Y'all want that shine (shine), but thats all mine/
I'm bonified, qualified, to have a hot damn time/

No listen, get the picture, take a picture of me quick/
See cuz tomorrow I got a new city that I'ma hit/
A double whammy, right before I do the Grammy's/
I'll do a show with Puff Daddy way out in south Miami

Repeat chorus