Living A Lie Lyrics

by Aimee Mann

You can see yourself in the side mirror
Tossing your hair
If no one is there
Then why do you care?
Though I let you think there was no witness to
All of your crimes
I knew what you were
A climber who climbs

I'm living a lie,
You're living it too
Cause I live it with you
I'm living a lie, a lie I can't tell
So we wait for the crack in the shell

No one bears a grudge like a boy genius
Just past his prime
Gilding his cage, a bar at a time
For every open arm theres a cold shoulder
Waiting to turn
People to blame
Bridges to burn.


A girl comes around at a time when your ground
Is as shaky as leaves on a tree
Creating for you a persona or two
Or an out and out mythology
Now there's too many cooks
But you like how it looks
When they're bowing and calling you "boss "
But the powers that were were invested in her
And now winning means taking a loss

Yeah we wait for the crack in the shell