Lonely Town Lyrics

by Paula Cole

Spin the globe, stop and start
Come to a place that's torn apart
Here's a secret, it's my heart
Oh well, it's only

Broken shutters, whistling wind
Vultures circling overhead
Tumbleweeds fly, dust in my eyes
Guess, it's not my feelings crying

Peeling paint on empty homes
Where people lived in this town long ago
Pack their bags, nail down the door
To Lonely Town

Oh, I once had a love of my life
The sun of my soul
But I took him for granted, ignored all the signs
And now it's just memories and passing ghosts

Spider webs and weeds waist high
Abandoned schoolyards and rusted wire
Looking for love, looking for life
In Lonely Town

If you're lucky with a love of your own
Remember this in a nutshell and I've told
Hold them close and don't let go
And cherish forevermore
Or you will live in Lonely Town