Long Live The Queen Lyrics

by Frank Turner

Well, I was sipping on a whiskey when I got the call
My friend Lex was lying in the hospital
She'd been pretty sick for about half a year
But it seemed like this time the end was drawing near

So I dropped my plans and jumped the next London train
I found her laid up and in a lot of pain
Her eyes met mine and then I understood
That her weather forecast wasn't looking good

So I sat and spun her stories for a little while
Tried to raise the mood, tried to raise a smile
But she silenced all my ramblings with a shake of her head
Drew me close to listen and this is what she said

You'll live to dance another day
It's just now you'll have to dance for the two of us
So stop looking so damn depressed
And sing with all your heart that the queen is dead

She told me she was sick of all the hospital food
Of doctors, distant relatives draining her blood
She said, "I know I'm dying but I'm not finished just yet
I'm dying for a drink and for a cigarette"

So we hatched a plan to book ourselves
A cheap hotel in the center of the city and then raise some hell
Lay waste to all the clubs and then when
Everyone else is long asleep then we'll know we're good and done

The queen is dead
South London's not the same any more
The last of the greats has finally gone to bed

Well, I was working on some words when Sarah called me up
She said that Lex had gone to sleep and wasn't waking up
And even though I knew that there was nothing to be done
I felt bad for not being there and now she was gone

So I tried to think what Lex would want me to do
At times like this when I was feeling blue
So I gathered some friends to spread the sad
Sad news and we headed for the city for a drink or two and we sang

We live to dance another day
It's just now we have to dance for one more of us
So let's stop looking so damn depressed
And sing with all our hearts, "Long live the queen"