Losing My Mind Lyrics

by Cranberries

Come in to bed,
switch off the lights,
close your eyes
sleep tonight think of all the things we did today
You touch me then
we fall apart
I lose control the hardest part
I wish that it can be another way
uhhhu ahhh
losing, I'm losing, I'm losing my mind
ruining, I'm ruining, you're ruining my mind
You cut me deep
like broken glass
I wonder when this time will pass
Or will I fall asunder everyday?
Sitting here beside the fire
the flames the grow just like desire
Will I fall a sander everyday?
uhhhu ahhh
Losing, Im losing, Im losing my mind
Ruining, Im ruining, youre ruining my mind
oohh ahhh ohhhh ahhh aaaaahhh ahhh laaa laaa ah