Lounge Art Lyrics

by Nirvana

Truth covered in securityI can't let you smother meI'd like to but it wouldn't workTrading off and taking turnsI don't regret a thingAnd I've got this friend, you seeWho makes me feel and IWanted more than I could stealI'll arrest myself, I'll wear a shieldI'll go out of my way to prove I stillSmell her on you
Don't tell me what I wanna hearAfraid of never knowing fearExperience anything yoy needI'll keep fighting jealousyUntil it's fucking gone
I'll go out of my way to make you a dealWe've make a pact to learn from whoEver we want without new rulesWe'll share what's lost and what we grewThey'll go out of their wayTo prove they stillSmell her on you