Love Me Like You've Never Been Hurt Lyrics

by Lee Greenwood

He must be a fool
He must have lost his mind
How else could he hurt you
Time after lonely time
He'll come around again
And you know just what he'll say
But it's too late for him
This time just turn away


Love me like you've never been hurt
Like I'm the last man on earth
And the first one to touch you
Baby, love me like you can't help yourself
Like nobody else could ever hold you like I do
Common and trust me for all of its worth
And love me like you've never been hurt

Take a look into my eyes
And tell me what you see
No secrets, no disguise
Just shameless honesty
This time it's love you've made
You're save here in my arms
Let him have yesterday
Let me have from now on


Like it's all you can do
Like I'm loving you

(CHORUS, repeat last two lines)