Love Struck Lyrics

by Bow Wow

see this rite here
might be the realest shit i ever told em before....fa real
I sat down to her
i grabbed her hand
and i looked in her eyes and i told her
i told her, i said um

damn, you make a nigga get love struck
make a nigga go
and wanna grab an all black tux
hit j.lo
and tell her call the wedding planner up
set the date
i'll be there
meet me at the alter honey
you aint gotta worry bout
all them other broads boo
live up at the mall boo
let me black card you
treat you like expired milk
baby i'll spoil you
forget cheating on u baby girl
im too loyal
tell me where you wanna dine
reservations set for 9
no group, all me
sipping on a glass of wine
winter time is fur time
vacating up in aspen
ex broke her heart
now she can breath again like tony braxton

pretty brown brown driving me wild