Love To Blame Lyrics

by Dido

Helen of troy was the kind of girl
Who really had it all
Not a care in the world but her head was turned
And forever changed
She said one love is lost but another is found
So just take the keys and lets just go, birds fly south

Nothing ventured
Nothing gained
Its all about love
So Im not to blame
Im not to blame

She said Ive dotted my Is and Ive crossed my ts
Had time for friends when they needed me
I try to make sense of senseless things
Try to live how I believe
And of course I leave things behind that Ill regret
But theres time enough for new things yet, for new things yet

When the dust covers the sun
And all you hope for is undone
Will you turn and say
Nothing ventured
Nothing gained
it was all for love
so love is to blame
love is to blame