Loves On Sale Lyrics

by Midnight Oil

Haul me up, I'm waiting
Oh yeah, yes I'm waiting
Waiting now they say for shopping day

I'll pretend that I'm a rich man
And I'll carry it away
Oh yeah, it sounds real nice

If you got money, then it's a steal
Give me a dollar, I'll give you a deal

Everybody says that love's on special and sale
And everything you've ever wanted, you've got to pay for
It seems so easy and gettable, yes it's real

If you've got money, it's such a steal
Got money, it's such a steal

Everybody says that love is the number one
But every time you try to get some, you've gotta buy it
It's all so special, accessible, pretty and nice

It's oh so wonderful, at a price
Wonderful, at a price

You can rent a life today
Why worry about the real thing
Pay up now and plug in quick
It's easy to co-ordinate

Just credit card the right idea
Why wait around and contemplate
The hidden cost of what you've got
It's better, it's better, it's better

'Cause everybody a sales
Is everybody a sales
Yeah, everybody a sales